FireStar Rose launch - November 2015


Why FireStar?  It’s a symbol used in some form by most volunteer brigades in Australia.

The points are said to represent the knightly virtues of tact, loyalty, dexterity, observation, sympathy, gallantry, perseverance and explicitness… all the virtues needed to be a firefighter.

The FireStar rose, now supporting the CFS Foundation, to raise funds for the work undertaken by the Country Fire Service Foundation.

Their mission is to ensure that funds are available to support CFS volunteers and families in their time of need.    Mrs Kellie Harrison, whose husband Lt Andrew Harrison, passed away fighting a fire at Mount Templeton in late 2014, stated, ‘This is a wonderful opportunity to support the CFS Foundation and to acknowledge the many thousands of SACFS volunteers who give of their time and expertise to keep families and communities safe.’


The 2014/15 bushfire season saw the funds and resources of the CFS Foundation being utilised to support a number of volunteers and their families as a result of bushfires:

  • two SACFS volunteers were killed undertaking their community emergency service
  • SACFS volunteers and their families who lost everything during the Sampson Flat fires.

Additional funds are now required to ensure the Foundation can access funds for our future requirements.

The international award winning FireStar Rose has fascinating flowers made up of unusually frilly petals. It has a kaleidoscope of colours starting from scarlet buds opening to mandarin orange blooms, softening to raspberry pink with age.

This bush is lightly fragrant and when in full bloom carries a mass of flowers. Medium to large blooms, with clusters of 3-5 blooms per stem, this bush has flowers from spring to winter.

FireStar Awards - Belfast Certificate of Merit; Rose Hills - People's Choice Award; All-America Rose Selection; Australia - Best Hybrid Tea; Australia - Best in Trial;  and Australia - Silver Medal.

Family owned and operated for over 50 years Knight’s Roses is committed to giving back to the community through part-proceeds from the sale of commemorative roses.

Mr. Daniel Knight said ‘Living in the rural outskirts of Adelaide, we are very aware of the important work undertaken by the 13,500 SACFS volunteers, 24/7, 365 days a year throughout every community within our state’.

We hope the public will support the CFS Foundation, making the FireStar rose a gift for Christmas, a special birthday, mother’s and father’s day or send to a volunteer to say thank you for their dedicated service.

FireStar will create a wonderful display, so fire up the colour in your garden.CFS Volunteers with Daniel Knight and Greg Nettleton Chief Officer CFS sm jpegTrucks at launchcrowd

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